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Animaritime 2024 is here!

Greetings Animaritimers! We are so excited to see you!


This year's theme is Elements!


Our Schedule is now up!


A mobile friendly text version is under construction.  Please check out the Guests page for details!

Our Guests have been announced! Please check out the Guests page for details!

Pre-Registration & VIP ticket sales are now closed.

We have a new Cosplay Accessory Contest!

The Art Contest submissions are now closed! 

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Paticipate in the wonderful cycle of fandom! Your old faves are someone's new obsession!

What wonders await you in this elemental Animaritime?


Embody your faovirte characters and join the Cosplay contest!


Earn recognition fror your wonderful talents!

Garage Sale

Autograph Tables

Autographs from our esteemed guests! More information coming soon.

Vendors Booths

Check out the Vendor's Hall! Come home with some brand new nerdy merch!

Artist Alley

Check out all the talented artists and their wares!

Games Room

More details on availability to come.

Panels and Q&A Sessions

Attend a panel! Learn new skills, new fandom facts, or ask our guests those hard hitting questions you've been dying to voice!

Con Game!

Choose your element and prepare for this year's con game! More details to come soon.

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